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This page should become an overview about AviSynth related utilities.


[edit] GUI's/IDE's

  • AvsPMod - Highly recommended; closest thing to an GUI/IDE.
    • In 2018 AvsPMod development was resurrected. Find the github repository of AvsPMod 2.6.x here
    • See support forum here
    • AvsPMod 2.6 family supports both classic Avisynth 2.6 and Avisynth+, supporting preview of 10+ bit videos (using 8 bit displays though). It features a properly working x64 version for 64bit AviSynth+.
    • Since it requires a newer Avisynth Interface version (V6) it is no longer compatible with very old Avisynth versions (Avisynth 2.5, AvxSynth).

[edit] Frameserving Utilities

  • AVFS - a virtual file system that exposes the output of AviSynth scripts through the file system as a set of virtual media files. This allows AviSynth to feed media applications and converters that do not use the VFW API. It also allows accessing AviSynth script output through network shares, and allows mixed use of 32 bit and 64 bit video processing and consuming applications. AVFS mounts *.avs files as *.avi & *.wav files.
  • avs2pipemod - a CLI tool to pipe raw/y4m video and wav/extwav/raw audio to various audio/video encoders. It has other useful functions like benchmarking, saving pixel values to a text file, it can suggest x264 settings for Blu-ray disc encoding, and also has support for high bit depth video. avs2pipemod is the continued development of avs2pipe. GitHub repository

[edit] Audio only

  • AvsDec - AvsDec is an audio files conversion software for decoding avisynth audio streams to raw audio files and for spliting multi-channel WAV files into single channel WAV files.
  • WAVI - Extracts WAV audio from AVI/AVS files. The primary purpose of this tool is to save audio tracks from AviSynth. See original SourceForge homepage

[edit] Video only

  • Avs2YUV - Piping tool commonly used to pipe y4m and raw video (including high bit depth) to encoders like x264, x265, and FFmpeg/Libav (among others).
  • avs4x264mod - AviSynth to x264 piping tool; continued development of avs4x264 with additional futures and bugfixes.
  • avs4x265 - AviSynth to x265 piping tool; based on avs4x264 with some enhancements from avs4x264mod.

[edit] Debugging/Diagnostic Utilities

  • AVSMeter - CLI (command line interface) tool which measures the speed/efficiency of Avisynth scripts and checks if Avisynth and its plugin sub-system are set up and working correctly. Documentation for usage and features is included in the distribution package.
  • Avisynth Info Tool - This program performs a thorough test of your Avisynth installation and associated plugins, checking if external dependencies are installed, etc.
  • SeekTester - Simple tool to check if video source plugin is frame accurate.

[edit] Other Utilities

  • avs2bdnxml - AviSynth rendered subtitles to BluRay SUP/PGS and BDN XML.
  • AVSLib - General purpose toolkit/extension library enhancing AviSynth's ability to perform complex linear and non-linear video editing tasks. Includes support for Array containers & operators, debugging tools, math & string functions, filters and many more.
  • pipedec - "Pipe Codec" acts as a VFW compressor. When called upon to compress data, it runs an external program, feeds it the uncompressed data on stdin, and sends a dummy compressed stream back to VFW. Download binaries: pipedec.zip
  • YATTA - a tool designed to collect metrics from several common IVTC filters used in AviSynth so that they can be manually improved upon. 64-bit version compatible with AviSynth+: Doom9 thread

[edit] Deprecated Utilities

[edit] GUI's/IDE's

  • AviSynthUI - AVISynth UI (no longer developed) is a user interface for the script based video editor AVISynth. Written in Visual Basic, It enables you to edit videos using AVISynth with the comfort and ease of use of having a user interface.

[edit] Frameserving

  • avs2pipe - avs2pipe is a tool to output y4m video, wav audio, dump some info about the input avs clip or suggest x264 blu-ray encoding settings. GitHub repository. Superseeded by avs2pipemod.
  • avs4x264 - AviSynth to x264 piping tool; superseded by avs4x264mod and avs4x26x.

[edit] Other

  • AviSynth Batch Scripting (GUI) : A batch scripting tool that is not only designed for AviSynth .avs files but you can generate any batch script of any type of file you want, with an easy to use graphical interface.

[edit] Links to further lists and information

Note: some of the following links may include information that may be outdated, proceed with caution.

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