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[edit] General information

This section contains some general information about AviSynth. It's about its history, the different versions floating around. It explains how to get it to work, how to create a script and how to use plugins. It also discusses some command line utilities and graphical user interfaces which are able to open AviSynth scripts.

[edit] Loading clips (video, audio and images) into AviSynth

The FAQ for loading clips explains how to import the most common media formats (video, audio and images) into AviSynth. It explains which internal filters or external plugins can be used to import them and how this should be done. If this section doesn't provide enough information to load your media format, you should read the following document: Importing_media. It discusses many media formats, and gives a systematic way (using multiple ways) of loading these formats into AviSynth.

[edit] Opening scripts in encoder and player applications

This section describes frameserving and how to frameserve from and to AviSynth. It explains how to load AviSynth scripts in supported encoders and players, and what you can do if they don't support AviSynth scripts.

[edit] Some common error messages

This section describes some common error messages and explains what to do about them.

[edit] Recognizing and processing different types of content

This section explains what you should do when the video and audio in your final encoding is not in sync. It discusses variable framerate video. It explains how to recognize and process progressive, interlaced, telecined, hybrid and blended content.

[edit] The color format YV12 and related processing and encoding issues

This section contains specific information about the color format YV12 and related processing and encoding issues.

[edit] How to use VirtualDub's plugins in AviSynth

This section explains how to use plugins written for VirtualDub in AviSynth.

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