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This feature is specific to AviSynth plus.

It is not supported in other AviSynth versions.


These conversion filters are to allow filters that use 16-bit video in a pseudo-8-bit colorspace to interact with AviSyth+ high bit depth formats. They are intended to serve as a stopgap until more plugins appear supporting true high bit depth.


  • In Stack16, the picture is made of two parts: one containing the highest 8 bits (MSB) for each pixel, stacked on top of another containing the lowest 8 bits (LSB).
  • Double-Width is similar, but the MSBs and LSBs are horizontally interleaved. TODO: verify.

Syntax and Parameters

Accepts a 16-bit clip and returns a stacked 8-bit clip.
ConvertToStacked(clip clip ] )
ConvertToDoubleWidth(clip clip ] )

clip  clip =
Source clip. Must be native 16 bit: YUV420P16, YUV422P16, YUV444P16, Y16.

Accepts a stacked 8-bit clip and returns a 16-bit clip.
ConvertFromStacked(clip clip, int bits ] )
ConvertFromDoubleWidth(clip clip, int bits ] )

clip  clip =
Source clip. Must be YV12, YV16, YV24 or Y8.
int  bits = 16
Bit depth of returned clip. Must match the original bit depth. For example,
## Decoding 10bit, YUV 4:2:0 source
LWLibavVideoSource(<path>, stacked=true, format="YUV420P10")
ConvertBits(8, dither=0) ## '0' means on, '-1' means off


20170310 r2440 first added
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