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Up-to-date documentation:

MonoToStereo(clip left_channel_clip, clip right_channel_clip)

Starting from v2.5 MonoToStereo is replaced by MergeChannels. MonoToStereo converts two mono signals to one stereo signal. This can be used, if one or both channels has been modified separately, and then has to be recombined.

The sample rate of the two clips need to be the same (use ResampleAudio if this is a problem). If either of the sources are in stereo, the signal will be taken from the corresponding channel (left channel from the left_channel_clip, and vice versa for right channel).


# combines two separate wave sources to a stereo signal:

left_channel = WavSource("c:\left_channel.wav")
right_channel = WavSource("c:\right_channel.wav")
return MonoToStereo(left_channel, right_channel)
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