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Author MOmonster
Version 2007/07/18
Download rainbow_smooth.avsi
Category Rainbow & Dot Crawl Removal
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

rainbow_smooth is a small spatial derainbowing function. It uses SmoothUV to smooth out chroma and edge masking to reduce the colour bleeding.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

rainbow_smooth (clip orig, int "radius", int "lthresh", int "hthresh")

clip  orig =
Input clip.

int  radius = 3
The smoothing radius of SmoothUV.
Range: 1 to 7

int  lthresh = 0
int  hthresh = 220
The low and high smoothing thresholds of SmoothUV; use smaller values for safer processing.
Masking is only used for hthresh, so if you set lthresh greater than hthresh, lthresh will be the overall threshold and no masking will be used (fastest).
If you set lthresh to 0, you disable the basic chroma smoothing and use only the chroma-smoothing on edges.
Range: 0 to 255

[edit] Examples

rainbow_smooth with default settings:

rainbow_smooth(radius=3, lthresh=0, hthresh=220)

[edit] Changelog

Version         Date            Changes
2007/07/18 2007/07/18 - Initial release

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