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[edit] Description

A general purpose spatial denoiser. SSHiQ has independent parameters for both luma and chroma, meaning that you can process the luma only and leave the chroma intact or vice versa.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

SSHiQ (clip, int "rY", int "rC", int "tY", int tC, bool "HQY", bool "HQC", bool "field")

clip   =
Input clip must be YV12.

int  rY = 5
int  rC = 3
The radii for luma (Y) and chroma (U,V); controls how far from the current pixel neighbors are used. The greater the value the more it smooths.
Range: 1 to 7

int  tY = 20
int  tC = 30
Luma (Y) and Chroma (U,V) thresholds; noise VS detail sensitivity. If set to 0 or anything less the plane simply gets copied.
Range: 0 to 450

int  str = 240
Range: 0 to 255
Strength is only used for HiQ mode and it controls how much of the smoothed version should be used at best for calculating the new pixel.

bool  HQY = true
bool  HQC = true
True enables HiQ mode; edge processing strength gets automatically reduced.
(HQ == 0) ? smoothed_pixel : ( (strength-edge*2)*smoothed_pixel + (256-(strength-edge*2))*pixel_in )/256

bool  field = false
False is for progressive input, true is for interlaced input.

[edit] Examples

SSHiQ with default settings:

SSSHiQ(rY=5, rC=3, tY=20, tC=30, str=240, HQY=true, HQC=true, field=false)

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