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A general purpose spatial denoiser. SSHiQ has independent parameters for both luma and chroma, meaning that you can process the luma only and leave the chroma intact or vice versa.

Syntax and Parameters

SSHiQ (clip, int "rY", int "rC", int "tY", int tC, bool "HQY", bool "HQC", bool "field")

clip   =
Input clip must be YV12.

int  rY = 5
int  rC = 3
The radii for luma (Y) and chroma (U,V); controls how far from the current pixel neighbors are used. The greater the value the more it smooths.
Range: 1 to 7

int  tY = 20
int  tC = 30
Luma (Y) and Chroma (U,V) thresholds; noise VS detail sensitivity. If set to 0 or anything less the plane simply gets copied.
Range: 0 to 450

int  str = 240
Range: 0 to 255
Strength is only used for HiQ mode and it controls how much of the smoothed version should be used at best for calculating the new pixel.

bool  HQY = true
bool  HQC = true
True enables HiQ mode; edge processing strength gets automatically reduced.
(HQ == 0) ? smoothed_pixel : ( (strength-edge*2)*smoothed_pixel + (256-(strength-edge*2))*pixel_in )/256

bool  field = false
False is for progressive input, true is for interlaced input.


SSHiQ with default settings:

SSSHiQ(rY=5, rC=3, tY=20, tC=30, str=240, HQY=true, HQC=true, field=false)

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