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Author Didée, Sagekilla, Vit, real.finder, ErazorTT
Version 2.2
Download TemporalDegrain-v2.2.avsi
Category Denoisers
License Open Source
Discussion Doom9 Thread





Required Plugins

Optional Plugins


May 15, 2018: v2.0
- use the exeptional motion estimation from QTGMC
- use MDegrainN for unbound temporal radius
- automatic tuning of default parameters based on input size
- add optional motion compensated post processing FFT filtering

Oct 19, 2018: v2.0.1
- rename function to TemporalDegrain2
- expose TrueMotion parameter through meTM, and let it default to false

Oct 22, 2018: v2.0.2
- use power of 2 blocksizes for MAnalyse which have much better performance
- check that Undot exists before calling it

Oct 23, 2018: v2.0.3
- use RemoveGrain(1) instead of Undot

Oct 26, 2018: v2.1
- tune motion estimation

Oct 27, 2018: v2.1.1
- allow for a controlled over-sharpen through extraSharp
- correct parameter types

Oct 30, 2018: v2.1.2
- correct usage of KNLMeansCL
- update comments

Nov 03, 2018: v2.1.3
- another try to fix KNLMeansCL
- expose KNLMeansCL device id through knlDevId

Nov 19, 2018: v2.1.4
- minor updates to code comments

Dec 26, 2018: v2.1.5
- convert TV range to PC range in search clip, improving motion estimation

Dec 27, 2018: v2.1.6
- tweaked parameters for higher noise removal

Dec 27, 2018: v2.1.7
- settings depening on input noise level, flag must be set manually
- add post processing behaviour of TemporalDegrain v1.23 to postFFT=-1
- change defaults and rewrite recommendations

Jan 02, 2019: v2.2
- high bit support, native "double width" format not "stacked" format
- currently just postFFT=0, 1 and 4 are supported for high bit

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