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Author  ???, seraphy
Version 20080325
Download [x86]: warpsharp_20080325.zip

[x64]: warpsharp64.zip

Category Multipurpose
License GPLv2


[edit] Description

Also known as the "WarpSharp Package", it includes a handful of filters for achieving various different tasks.

  • NOTE: the 64-bit WarpSharp plugin has a bug, the output of the Warpsharp() filter on x64 is different then the x32 version [1].

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Filters

[edit] warpsharp.dll

There follows a list of all function names together with CPP style argument specifiers that inform
AviSynth the argument types and optional names. Optional arguments have square brackets surrounding
their name as in [name] and are followed by a type specifier character that gives the type.
Unnamed arguments are not optional. eg "cc[arg1]b[arg2]i" would be two compulsory unnamed clip args,
followed by optional 'arg1' of type bool and optional 'arg2' of type int.

# Argument type specifier strings.
 c - Video Clip
 i - Integer number
 f - Float number
 s - String
 b - boolean
 . - Any type (dot)
# Array Specifiers
 i* - Integer Array, zero or more
 i+ - Integer Array, one or more
 .* - Any type Array, zero or more
 .+ - Any type Array, one or more
#    Etc

Auto24FPS               "c[drop]b[threshold]i[border]i[mode]s[debug]b"
AutoDeint               "c[mode]s"
CacheAll                "c"
CacheNothing            "c"
CacheRange              "ci"
ConvertAviUtlYCToYUY2   "c"
ConvertYUY2ToAviUtlYC   "c"
EraseGhost              "cf*"
EraseGhostV             "c[strength]i[pattern]s"
FrameCache              "ci[debug]b"
KenKunNR                "c[strength]i[radius]i[threshold]i"
KenKunNRT               "c[strength]i[radius]i[threshold]i"
LoadAviUtlFilterPlugin  "ss[copy]b[debug]b[thread]i"
LoadAviUtlFilterPlugin2 "ss[copy]b[debug]b[thread]i"
LoadAviUtlInputPlugin   "ss[copy]b"
SearchGhost             "c[frame]i[top]i[bottom]i[left]i[right]i[search]i[threshold]i[log]s"
SearchGhostV            "c[frame]i[top]i[bottom]i[depth]i[pattern]s"
UnsharpMask             "c[strength]i[radius]i[threshold]i"
UVTimingH               "c[u]f[v]f[edge]b"
UVTimingV               "c[u]f[v]f[edge]b"
WarpSharp               "c[depth]i[blur]i[bump]i[cubic]f"
WarpSharpBlur           "c[pass]i"
WarpSharpBump           "c[threshold]i"
WScript                 "ss"
WSInvoke                "ss.*"
WSResult                "s"
Xsharpen                "c[strength]i[threshold]i"
Filter Description Color format

AviUtl-like IVTC filter.

YUY2, YV12

AviUtl-like deinterlace filter.

YUY2, YV12

It converts AviUtl's YC colorspace back to YUY2.


It converts AviUtl's YC colorspace back to YUY2.


A filter to search ghost and outputs a log file in EraseGhost format

YUY2, YV12

A filter to search ghost and outputs a log file in EraseGhostV format.

YUY2, YV12

A ghost-erasing filter like AviUtl.

YUY2, YV12

AviUtl-like filter for erasing ghost with vertical lines.

YUY2, YV12

AviUtl-like spatial denoise filter.

YUY2, YV12

AviUtl-like temporal denoise filter.

YUY2, YV12

Contrast/sharp filter like VirtualDub's Unsharp Mask.

YUY2, YV12

Horizontal chroma shifting filter like AviUtl's yctiming plugin.

YUY2, YV12

Vertical chroma shifting filter like AviUtl's yctiming plugin.

YUY2, YV12

Sharpening filter like VirtualDub's WarpSharp.

YUY2, YV12

Blurring filter.


Edge detection filter; bump map.


Sharpening filter like VirtualDub's Xsharpen.

YUY2, YV12

[edit] Other stuff

  • LoadPluginEx.dll - AviSynth plugin which enables you to load AviSynth1.0/2.0 plugins in AviSynth 2.5/2.6, and vice versa. If that does't work you can try LoadPluginEx2.dll as a last resort, more info here or at LoadOldPlugins.
  • avsfilter.dll - It is an AviUtl and VirtualDub plugin to enable you to adjust AviSynth filters' settings on AviUtl/VirtualDub. See here for more information.
  • avsinp.aui - AviUtl input plugin to open avs.
  • ShowAUFInfo.exe - a command line tool to output functions in LoadAviUtlFilterPlugin's format.
  • auoenc.exe - a command line tool to encode videos using AviUtl output plugin.

[edit] Changelog

Version           Date             Changes
20080325 2008/03/25 - changes by seraphy - changelog is in Japanese, feel free to translate :) 20060825 2006/08/26 - changes by seraphy - AviUtil internal color format conversion bug - fix MMX code 20031103 2003/11/03 - initial release (unknown author)

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
20080325 [x86]: warpsharp_20080325.zip

[x64]: warpsharp64.zip

[x86]: warpsharp_20080325.7z

[x64]: warpsharp64.zip

20060825 warpsharp.7z - warpsharp.mt.7z
20031103 warpsharp_2003_1103.cab warpsharppackage_dll_20031103.zip

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