About AvsP

AvsP was written using the Python programming language and the wxPython graphical user interface framework. AvsP started as a personal project of mine, where I wanted to create a straightforward way to compare the effects of different AviSynth filters. The concept for the program remained in my head for some time, since I never did gui programming before and didn't really know where to begin. I tried to learn several gui frameworks (win32, mfc, wtl), but failed pretty miserably. Eventually I found out about Python, and then wxPython, which made things much easier for me to learn, and things started rolling from there. Since then I've rewritten the program from scratch twice, and I felt that this most recent incarnation was good enough such that members of the AviSynth community could benefit from it as well.

Similar to AviSynth itself, AvsP is open source and distributed under the GPL license. The source code is included in every release in the src folder.

About this website

This website was generated using rest2web, a python library designed to turn restructured text into html. I have absolutely zero html or css skills, and yet I was able to construct this website completely from plain text files, all thanks to rest2web. It's really a great tool for people like me who know little html/css or for people who are just not interested in maintaining a website with unreadable html files.

The video source seen in various AvsP screenshots came from a Super Mario Bros. 3 speed run, check out http://speeddemosarchive.com if you're interested in finding out more. It's some pretty amazing stuff, and a fun way to watch the endings to games you never were good enough to beat :) .

About the flash tutorial

The flash tutorial for AvsP was created using Wink, which is free software for creating flash-based presentations. I can't give this program enough praise - it takes complicated tasks such as screenshot capturing, text captioning, and time-based cursor positioning, and makes it so easy to use you practically don't need to read any help or tutorial files. Trust me, if you ever have the chance to make a presentation using Wink, you'll knock the socks off anyone who sees it.


AvsP could never have existed without AviSynth, so I wanted to thank its creator Ben Rudiak-Gould and all of AviSynth's current developers for their hard work. I really believe that AviSynth is an excellent tool for both video editing as well as a healthy introduction to programming for non-programmers, so I'm happy to make any contribution that I can.

I also want to extend my thanks to the doom9 community, who have made innummerable suggestions for the development of AvsP (take a look at the changelogs to see what I'm talking about). They have continually provided well-thought out feature suggestions and criticisms which have fueled AvsP's development, making it a much better program than I could have ever accomplished on my own.


AvsP was designed to be an advanced video editing tool with never-before-seen features, and yet it remains so easy to use that it has developed a reputation for being a great tool for AviSynth newbies. Here's some things people are saying about AvsP:

This is super cool. --Richard Berg

I can't thank you enough!!! This program is outstanding! I've been waiting for something just like this for a long time, and never expected to get something this outstanding. It's a lot like the options that some filters have in Vdub where there is a preview button so you can see changes made in the video as you mess with the filters options but instead of only a few filters it seems to work with just about anything.. I've actually never figured out a way to make any filter in avisynth to work like those filters in vdub with the preview button. This is soo great you have made me soo happy! --mimage

Well, I have to say that this program is a revolution in AviSynth usage for me. I was looking for something like this for a long time. May be I just didn't know right programs or tools, but everything what I tried was a way way way less powerful than AvsP. Thank you, qwerpoi, great job! --Dr.D

just discovered this app today.. it's awesome. thanks for all your work. --wuziq

I can imagine the length of your to-do-list . It has many aficionados. I am one of them . Thank you very much. --krieger2005

This is a GREAT tool for beginners like me. Thanks man :) --Bh4i

thank you for this awesome Avs script editor/previewer! So awesome that I have almost completely stopped using VDubMod for my editing/previewing task. --Champs

Wow, I just tried AvsP and I absolutely love it! I've never even considered using anything besides notepad, but this has definately become my default avs editor! --Zarxrax

A big THANKS for the great tool!! --doxville

I'm in awe. It works so well and smoothly, like magic. And only a few weeks ago it was new! It's always nice to see promising software fulfilled. --foxyshadis

Big thanks - what a beatiful program :) --communist

Great program! Just what I needed, EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you for it! --Ignus2

This is the tool! --Veiga

This tool is amazing! I've just been learning/using Avisynth for a month now and I don't know how I missed AvsP until now. For the first time, this weekend, I was able to actually see instant differences between plugins that I couldn't decide on before. Now I feel like I am really using the best items and settings for my material in my script. I really love this program. THANKS! --IceManTX