Author V. C. Mohan
Date Mar 7, 2006
EMail: mohanvc

FQuiver plugin for Avisynth 2.5+ is free for use, under GPL with no gaurentees or warranties neither explicit nor implied. Use of this plugin is entirely at users risk. I have used the kiss_fft source code of Mike Borgerding, with a few of my modifications, and I am extremely grateful to him for making available free this wonderful source code. FQuiver does not require any external fft transforming support. FFTQuiver is a sister plugin which runs faster, but requires FFTW3.dll also

FQuiver plugin has two functions: FQ1Row and FQ2d. FQ1Row transforms image data row by row into one dimensional spatial frequency domain. FQ2d as the name implies converts whole of image through a 2d transform into spatial frequency domain.

This plugin at present does not use any assembly level code or SIMD code. Both of these may speed up the functions. The FQ2d slower of the two, runs at a little over 7fps for a 720 X 480 frame size(F2Quiver of FFTWplugin runs at over 12 fps).

Both these functions have test facilty for frequency spectral display, and a large number of cascadable frequency domain Gaussian and Butterworth filters for signal processing. YUY2 and YV12 color formats only are supported

A quiver is a carrying case of a bunch of arrows used by hunters in olden times. As this plugin has a large number of filters, this name was chosen. I am reminded of an excellent book titled 'A quiver full of arrows ' by Jeffry Archer.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports may please be addressed to me by either email or through the excellent doom9 forum avisynth threads.

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