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Author cretindesalpes
Version v1.6
Download santiag v1.6 script
Category Anti-aliasing
License WTFPL
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

Simple anti-aliasing with independent horizontal and vertical strength.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest version of the following plugins are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Optional plugins:

Only required if specifically set by the type parameter.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

santiag (clip c, int "strh", int "strv", string "type", int "nns", int "aa", int "aac", int "threads", int "nsize", int "vcheck", int "fw", int "fh", bool "halfres", string "scaler_post", int "maskt", string "typeh", string "typev")

clip  c =
Input clip to be processed.

int  strh = 1
int  strv = 1
Horizontal and vertical anti-aliasing strength.
Set between 0 and 3, anything over these values there is not much improvement and it generates artifacts.

string  type = "nnedi3"
Choose the interpolation method:
  • "eedi2"
  • "eedi3"
  • "nnedi3"
  • "sangnom"

int  nns = 1
Sets the number of neurons in the predictor neural network in nnedi3.
Possible settings are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. 0 is fastest. 4 is slowest, but should give the best quality. This is a quality vs speed option; however, differences are usually small.
  • 0 - 16
  • 1 - 32
  • 2 - 64
  • 3 - 128
  • 4 - 256
This parameter only has an effect when type="nnedi3".

int  aa = 48
int  aac = 0
Luma(aa) and chroma(aac) antialiasing strength for SangNom2.
This parameter only has an effect when type="sangnom".

int  threads = 0
Set the number of threads to use; 0 means this will be automatically set.
This parameter only affects eedi3 and nnedi3.

int  nsize = 6
Sets the size of the local neighborhood around each pixel that is used by the predictor neural network in nnedi3.
Possible settings (x_diameter x y_diameter):
  • 0 - 8x6
  • 1 - 16x6
  • 2 - 32x6
  • 3 - 48x6
  • 4 - 8x4
  • 5 - 16x4
  • 6 - 32x4
What setting to use really depends on the amount of aliasing (lost information) in the source.
If the source was heavily low-pass filtered before interlacing then aliasing will be low and a large x_diameter setting won't be needed, and vice versa.
This parameter only has an effect when type="nnedi3".

int  vcheck = 2
Possible values:
  • 0 - no reliability check
  • 1 - weak reliability check
  • 2 - med reliability check
  • 3 - strong reliability check
This parameter only has an effect when type="eedi3".

int  fw =
int  fh =
fw (width) and fh (height) allows to set a new output resolution.
Center shift correction and resampling happen in one call using the internal AviSynth resizer specified by scaler_pos.
If fw and fh are not specified, they default to the width and height of the input clip.

bool  halfres = false
True or false.

string  scaler_post = "Spline36Resize"
Resize method for mandatory center shift correction (subpixel shifting).
  • "BicubicResize"
  • "BilinearResize"
  • "BlackmanResize"
  • "GaussResize"
  • "LanczosResize"
  • "Lanczos4Resize"
  • "PointResize"
  • "SincResize"
  • "Spline16Resize"
  • "Spline36Resize"
  • "Spline64Resize"

int  maskt =
threshold for mt_binarize. Sensible range is 0 to 255; 0 means full processing, higher values equals less processing.
If the value of maskt is greater than 0 an edge mask will be created. This mask will be used by eedi3 via the mclip parameter.
By default this parameter is not defined and only has an effect when type="eedi3".

string  typeh = type
string  typev = type
Choose the horizontal/vertical interpolation method; if not defined it defaults to type.

[edit] Examples

santiag with default settings:

santiag(strh=1, strv=1, type="nnedi3", nns=1, threads=0, nsize=6, halfres=false, scaler_post="Spline36Resize")

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v1.6 04/06/2015 - support for 4:4:4 colorspace v1.5 11/10/2014 - add "typeh" and "typev" parameters, enhance internal mclip handling, and other minor changes v1.4 11/22/2013 - update to use SangNom2 and updated eedi3 (v0.9.2). v1.3  ??/??/20?? - ???? v1.2 10/09/2012 - ???? v1.1  ??/??/???? - ???? v1.0 04/19/2010 - public release

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These older scripts are here for reference and completeness only.

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