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| [http://avisynth.org/warpenterprises/files/guavacomb_25_dll_20030801.zip Plugin]
| [http://avisynth.nl/users/warpenterprises/files/guavacomb_25_dll_20030801.zip Plugin]
| {{Author/Lindsey Dubb}}
| {{Author/Lindsey Dubb}}

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Rough classification of filters (in progress).

To make it easier for people to to find what they need here, the list includes both script function filters (see Import) and plugin filters (see Plugins).

A list of older plugins (for AviSynth v1.0x/v2.0x) which are still sometimes used can be found here.

A large list of filters can be downloaded here and Warp Enterprises Avisynth Filter Collection

A list of 64bit compiles can be found here and here.

Most scripts will apply filters in the following order:

  1. Create an AviSynth clip from a video file.
  2. Correct or remove any unwanted features in the video (e.g. dot crawl, field blending or telecine).
  3. Denoise the video (optional).
  4. Manipulate the video into the desired format (by e.g. changing the size and frame rate).

AviSynth filters have been classified under these four basic tasks, with a fifth category for filters that fall outside this scheme, and a sixth category for filters that process audio only.


Source Filters

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
BassAudio Bass Audio decoder. Supports wav, aiff, mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg. Support for aac, ac3, alac, ape, cd, flac, midi, mpc, ofr, spx, tta, wma, wv with additional included dll's. The filter is included in the Behappy package. N/A Plugin x64
CMVSource Load Dwarf Fortress CMV and CCMV movies. RGB32 Plugin Robert Martens
DGAVCDecode AVC/H.264 decoder plug-in. YV12 Plugin Donald Graft
DGDecode Decode MPEG1/MPEG2 streams from: DVD VOBs, captured transport streams, *.mpg/*.m2v/*.pva files, etc. Use this instead of MPEGDecoder/MPEG2Dec3. YV12, YUY2, RGB24, I420 Plugin Donald Graft
DirectShowSource2 Uses the installed Haali Media Splitter along with its avss.dll AviSynth plugin. Converts vfr files to cfr in order to support frame-accurate seeking. Plugin
DVInfo Grabs the timestamp and recording date info from a DV-AVI. See discussion. N/A Plugin WarpEnterprises
DVTimeStampEx Shows DV timestamp information over a DV clip. N/A Plugin
FFmpegSource Decodes all ffmpeg (libavcodec) supported A/V formats with frame accurate seeking in AVI, MKV and MP4. See discussion. RGB, YUY2, YV12, I420 Plugin Myrsloik, TheFluff, Plorkyeran, others
HDVInfo Grabs the timestamp and recording date info out of a M2T-D2V file N/A Plugin
ImageSequence Load png, jpg, bmp, pcx, tga and gif image sequences using the Corona Image I/O Library. CoronaSequence/RawSequence. RGB32 Plugin
Immaavs ImmaRead uses the ImageMagick libraries to read images. Many formats are supported including animations, multipage files, image sequences and images with different sizes. Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof
IUF Import Uncompressed File. Must be uncompressed! Supported uncompressed Formats: avi, omf(avid), pxr(pixar), mov(24/32bit quicktime), cineon. Can export as well. See discussion. RGB Plugin
MPASource A mp1/mp2/mp3 audio decoder plugin. See discussion N/A Plugin WarpEnterprises
MPEGDecoder Load VOB/MPEG-2 ES,PS,TS/MPEG-1 files directly. (deprecated) YV12 Plugin
MPEG2Dec Mpeg2dec is a plugin which lets AviSynth import MPEG2 files. (deprecated) RGB, YUY2 Plugin Dividee and others
MPEG2Dec3 A MPEG2Dec2.dll modification with deblocking and deringing. Note that the colorspace information of dvd2avi is ignored when using mpeg2dec. See discussion. (deprecated) RGB, YUY2, YV12 Plugin Marc FD, Nic, Tom Barry, sh0dan and others
NicAudio Audio Plugins for Audio: MPEGAudio/AC3/DTS/LPCM and other uncompressed formats. Formerly known As EvilMPASource. See discussion. N/A Plugin Nic
OmfSource Opens the AVID OMF file format (video only, and only works with captured files). See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin tateu
QTSource Quicktime Import/Export Filter using an existing installation of Quicktime 6/7. See discussion. RGB32, RGB24, YUY2 Plugin tateu
R3DSource Redcode RAW source plugin to load R3D clips. See discussion. RGB32 Plugin Gábor Kertai
RawSource Loads raw video data directly from files. See the initial discussion and its continuation. RGB, YUY2, YV12 Plugin Updated with NV12 Support WarpEnterprises, Wilbert Dijkhof and sh0dan
RawSourceMod Loads raw video data directly from files. Further modifications (most raw formats, YUV4MPEG2 compatible with latest spec) discussion. RGB, YUY2, YV12 (for 2.5/2.6), YV24, YV16, YV411, Y8 (for 2.6) 2.5 plugin 2.6 plugin



(function "RawReader")

Loads raw video data directly from files, similarly to RawSource, but also allows for skipping headers, and extra formats (long list to help anyone doing a search): GREY, Y8, interleaved RGB, BGR (which is RGB24), BGRA (which is RGB32), ARBG, ABGR, RGBA, interleaved YUV (which is YCbCr), YUY2, UYVY, AYUV, planar YUV formats YUV444, YUV422, YUV420 (as YV12), YUV420 (as IMC2), and some raw ImageMagick formats. Some supports for different bit-depths. Includes YUVInterleaved.avsi, InterleavedConversions.avsi, and PlanarConversions.avsi. Discussion. RGB, YUY2, and YV12. Plugin with scripts PitifulInsect

Restoration Filters

These remove effects or artefacts introduced (deliberately or accidentally) into the source video. Denoisers are classified separately.


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AAA Anti-aliasing filter designed for anime. See discussion. YV12 Script Soulhunter
AntiAliasing Anti-aliasing script for, well, anti-aliasing. See discussion. YV12 Script SpikeSpiegel, Didée, mf, scharfis_brain and Soulhunter
AntiAliasRG An anti-aliasing script that uses RemoveGrain(SSE3).dll. See discussion. YV12 Script Bloax
DAA Anti-aliasing with contra-sharpening. Included in AnimeIVTC. YV12 Script Didée
FAA Faster Anti-aliasing. See [1]. YV12 Script list
MAA Anti-aliasing with edge masking. Included in AnimeIVTC. YV12 Script martino, Kintaro, thetoof
SangNom A single field deinterlacer, can also be used for anti-aliasing. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Marc FD
SAA A simple anti-aliasing script. See discussion. YV12 Script Soulhunter
SharpAAMCmod High quality MoComped AntiAliasing script, also a line darkener since it uses edge masking to apply tweakable warp sharpening, "normal" sharpening and line darkening with optional temporal stabilization of these edges. Part of AnimeIVTC. See [2] and [3] Script thetoof
TIsophote A level-set (isophote) smoothing filter, see [4] YV12 Plugin tritical

Chroma correction

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
BT709ToBT601 Convert from BT.709 (HDTV) to BT.601 (SDTV) colorimetry. YV12 Plugin Tom Barry
ChromaShift This filter will shift the chrominance information by an even number of pixels, in either horizontal direction. It can also apply an overall vertical shift of the total chrominance information, up or down. It is primarily intended to correct improper colour registration. YV12, YUY2, RGB Plugin Simon Walters
ChromaShiftSP This script can shift chroma in all directions with subpixel accuracy. Script
ColorMatrix ColorMatrix corrects the colors of MPEG-2 streams. More correctly, many MPEG-2 streams use slightly different coefficients (called Rec.709) for storing the color information than AviSynth's color conversion routines or the XviD/DivX decoders (called Rec.601) do, with the result that DivX/XviD clips or MPEG-2 clips encoded by TMPGEnc/QuEnc are displayed with slighty off colors. This can be checked by opening the MPEG-2 stream directly in VDubMod. See discussion. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof

tritical (v2.0+)

FixChromaBleeding Fixes area of chroma bleeding by shifting the chroma and lowering the saturation in the affected areas. YV12 Script Alex Jordan
ReInterpolate411 This is a fast simple filter to correct the improper 4:1:1 => 4:2:2 conversion that seems to occur with some DV/4:1:1 codes when used with Avisynth. It assumes the odd chroma pixels are duplicates and discards them replacing them with the average of the two horizontally adjacent even chroma pixels. It doesn't matter whether the clip is interlaced though it must be in YUY2 format for Avisynth 2.5. There are no parameters, and currently no readme file. YUY2 Plugin Tom Barry
ReInterpolate420 Usually, DV decoders upsample PAL DV (which is YV12) to YUY2 using point sampling. This plugin reinterpolates the original chroma samples. YUY2 Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof

Fizick (v3)

MoveChroma MoveChroma is a simple filter combination that helps in moving chroma back, if it has been displaced. Script
FixChromaticAberration FixChromaticAberration resizes (and crops) the red/green/blue channels of the image separately. This helps to minimize the colored edges next to the image corners that result from lenses with chromatic aberration. Script


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
GradFun2DB DeBanding Filter. See wikipedia:Color Banding YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Plugin Prunedtree
GradFunkMirror Script that fixes GradFun2DB's bug that leaves the first 16 pixels on every border unprocessed. Needs GradFun2DB ! YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Script Alain2, MugFunky
GradFun2DBmod An advanced debanding script based on GradFun2DB. YV12 Script LaTo
GradFun3 This debanding script, part of the Dither package, has several gradient smoothing algorithms, including a bilateral filter. It uses an ordered dithering, which has a good resilience to lossy compression. YV12, YV16, YV24, Y8, YV411 Script cretindesalpes (Laurent de Soras)
flash3kyuu_deband Fast debanding plugin ported from AviUtl. YV12, YUY2, YV16, YV24, Y8, YV411 Plugin SAPikachu


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
BlockKiller Deblocking filter, see [5]. YV12, YUY2 Script Jawed
BlockTerminator Deblocking filter, see [6]. YV12, YUY2 Script Template:Author/foxyshadis
DeBlock Deblocking filter, see [7], [8] YV12, YUY2 Plugin Fizick / Manao
Deblock_QED "A postprocessed Deblock(): Uses full frequencies of Deblock's changes on block borders, but DCT-lowpassed changes on block interiours." Didée See [9] YV12 Script Didée
FunkyDeBlock Deblocking script based on BlindPP and high/lowpass separation. See discussion. YV12 Script Mug Funky
MDeblock Plugin for removing block artifacts, see [10] YV12 Plugin Kassandro
SmoothD Filter to deblock frames while keeping high frequency detail. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Tobias Bergmann
SmoothD2 Deblocking filter. Rewrite of SmoothD. Faster, better detail preservation, optional chroma deblocking. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Jim Conklin
SmoothDeblock3 Slow and complex, but produces very good results - especially on severely blocky sources - in a similar manner to TempGaussMC and QTGMC. See discussion and an overall comment. YV12 Script redfordxx


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
abcxyz Filter to remove halos. See discussion. YV12 Script Didée
BlindDeHalo Filter to remove edge enhancement artefacts. See discussion. YV12 Script Didée
BlindDeHalo2 Filter to remove edge enhancement artefacts. See discussion. YV12 Script Didée
BlindDeHalo3 Filter to remove edge enhancement artefacts. See discussion. YV12 Script Didée
DeHalo_alpha Very powerful filter to remove edge enhancement artefacts. See discussion. YV12 Script Didée
Mask_DHA A combination of the best of DeHalo_alpha and BlindDeHalo3, plus a few minor tweaks to the masking. See discussion. YV12 Script Template:Author/Orum
YAHR Basic filter with no variables to remove edge enhancement artefacts. See [11] YV12 Script Didée


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
BlindDeRing Plugin krieger2005
HQDering Applies deringing by using a smart smoother near edges (where ringing occurs) only. See [12] for details. Script mf


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Area A port of Gunnar Thalin's VirtualDub filter "Deinterlace - area based" to AviSynth. RGB32 Plugin Donald Graft // Gunnar Thalin
BlendBob Filter designed for use after a smart bob; blends every other frame with the closest matching neighbouring frame. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Kurt Prünner
DGBob This filter splits each field of the source into its own frame and then adaptively creates the missing lines either by interpolating the current field or by using the previous field's data. See discussion. RGB, YV12, YUY2 Plugin Donald Graft
Decomb The FieldDeinterlace filter provides functionality similar to the postprocessing function of Telecide. You can use it for pure interlaced streams (that is, those not containing telecined progressive frames). The name refers to the fact that field mode differencing is used. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Donald Graft
GreedyHMA GreedyHMA is an Avisynth filter that executes DScaler's Greedy/HM algorithm code to perform pulldown matching, filtering, and video deinterlace. It has pretty much been superceded by Donald Graft's Decomb package. However there may be occasions where it sometimes gives preferable results, especially with some bad PAL clips. YUY2 Plugin Tom Barry
IBob Interpolating Bob works identically to the Avisynth built-in Bob filter except that it uses linear interpolation instead of bicubic resizing. See discussion. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Kevin Atkinson
KernelDeint This filter deinterlaces using a kernel approach. It gives greatly improved vertical resolution in deinterlaced areas compared to simple field discarding. Superceded by LeakKernelDeint, see the description below in this table. RGB, YV12, YUY2 Plugin Donald Graft
LeakKernelBob This filter does a full framerate deinterlacing, i.e. it turn 50 fields per second into 50 frames per second. Adapted from Scharfis_brain's script of the same name. RGB32, YV12, YUY2 Plugin Kurt Prünner
LeakKernelDeint This filter deinterlaces using a kernel approach. It gives greatly improved vertical resolution in deinterlaced areas compared to simple field discarding. Compared to KernelDeint, it is low-level optimized (for speed) and provides some useful new functionality. As the original author of KernelDeint() states, LeakKernelDeint() is the preferred version to use. RGB32, YV12, YUY2 Plugin Kurt Prünner
MCBob Another approach to motion compensated bobbing. No residual combing, Motion Masking adaptive to local complexity, self adaptive error correction for temporal interpolation, Motion Search between fields of same parity, and spatial Interpolation overweights spatio-temporal interpolation. Is SLOW. Script Didée
MVBob by scharfis_brain [15] Script scharfis_brain
QTGMC by -Vit- [16] A new deinterlacer based on TempGaussMC_beta2. It's faster and has a presets system for speed/quality selection. There are also several new features including progressive support and noise/grain processing. The script also contains extensive comments to better describe the settings and the workings of the TGMC algorithm. Script -Vit-
Securebob type=2 or type=3. (part of MVbob) [17] Script scharfis_brain
SecureDeint (part of MVbob) [18] Script (?) scharfis_brain
SmoothDeinterlace by Gunnar Thalin [19] Plugin Gunnar Thalin
TDeint TDeint is a bi-directionally, motion adaptive (sharp) deinterlacer. It can also adaptively choose between using per-field and per-pixel motion adaptivity. It can use cubic interpolation, kernel interpolation (with temporal direction switching), or one of two forms of modified ELA interpolation which help to reduce "jaggy" edges in moving areas where interpolation must be used. TDeint also supports user overrides through an input file, and can act as a smart bobber or same frame rate deinterlacer, as well as an IVTC post-processor. See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin tritical
Telecide Hints The filter process the stats file to get the usual progressive matches and identify VFR sections. Plugin
TempGaussMC Motion-compensated bob deinterlacer, based on temporal gaussian blurring. reduces noise/grain of the source and does NOT leave the original fields unchanged. Output is rich with details and very stable. Is SLOW YUY2, YV12 Script Didée
TomsMoComp This filter uses motion compensation and adaptive processing to deinterlace video source (not for NTSC film). See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin Tom Barry
Yadif Port of YADIF (Yet Another DeInterlacing Filter) from MPlayer by Michael Niedermayer (http://www.mplayerhq.hu). It check pixels of previous, current and next frames to re-create the missed field by some local adaptive method (edge-directed interpolation) and uses spatial check to prevent most artifacts. YUY2, YV12 Plugin Fizick
Yadifmod Modified version of Fizick's avisynth filter port of yadif from mplayer. This version doesn't internally generate spatial predictions, but takes them from an external clip. It also is not an Avisynth_C plugin (just a normal one). YUY2, YV12 Plugin tritical
TomsBob We've asked Tom to include a proper 60fps deinterlacer in his wonderful TomsMoComp, but until then you'll have to make do with TomsBob. Script

Fieldblending and Frameblending removal

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
c_deblend superseded by srestore Cdeblend is a simple blend replacing function like unblend or removeblend. Script MOmonster
Deblend See discussion. Script actionman133
mrestore superseded by srestore Uses conditional frame evaluation to undo standard conversions with blends. YV12 Script MOmonster
RemoveBlend This filter is used to remove blended fields/frames. YV12 Plugin violao
Restore24 Restore24 is an AviSynth filter that is able to do the nearly impossible: Restore 24fps FILM out of a fieldblended FILM -> Telecine -> NTSC -> Blendconversion -> PAL - Video. See discussion. Script scharfis_brain
RestoreFPS RestoreFPS reverses the kind of blending generated by ConvertFPS, restoring original framerate. It will work perfectly well on any regular blend pattern. YV12 Plugin mg262
Unblend Unblend is based on warpenterprise's deblend algorithm and neuron2's decimate code, with YV12 support only. The aim is the same of deblend. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Template:Author/Bach
FixBlendIVTC superseded by srestore A blend replacing/frame restoring function for doubleblends caused by blend-deinterlacing of telecined sources.  ? Script MOmonster
Cdeint Restores 24fps FILM out of a fieldblended FILM -> Telecine -> NTSC -> Blendconversion -> PAL - Video (alternative for Restore24). Script

Film Damage correction

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
DeScratch DeScratch removes vertical scratches from films. Also it can be used for removing of horizontal noise lines such as drop-outs from analog VHS captures (after image rotation). YV12 Plugin Fizick
DeSpot This filter is designed to remove temporal noise in the form of dots (spots) and streaks found in some videos. The filter is also useful for restoration (cleaning) of old telecined 8mm (and other) films from spots (from dust) and some stripes (scratches). YV12 Plugin Fizick
deVCR deVCR elliminates (to a certain degree) the annoying horizontal lines that keep crawling around your VHS or Beta recorded video. Script Ricardo Garcia
Film_Restoring_Frame_Blending Script videoFred
Film_Restoring_Frame_Interpolation Script videoFred
RemoveDirt RemoveDirt is a temporal cleaner for Avisynth 2.5x. It has now become an AVS script function, which involves RestoreMotionBlocks and various filters from the RemoveGrain package. Script Kassandro
UnDot UnDot is a simple median filter for removing dots, that is stray orphan pixels and mosquito noise. It clips each pixel value to stay within min and max of its eight surrounding neigbors. See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin Tom Barry

Frequency Interference removal

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
DeFreq Defreq uses Fast Fourier Transform method for frequency selecting an removing. See discussion. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Fizick
FanFilter Regular vertical frequency interference is filtered in spatial domain. YV12, YUY2, RGB32, RGB24 Plugin V. C. Mohan

IVTC & Decimation

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AnimeIVTC What it does:
  • High quality adaptative field matching for hard telecine
  • Bob, remove the blends and decimate back to the desired framerate for DHT/field-blended
  • Creating a VFR clip for hybrid sources
  • Bob the interlaced credits, blend-deinterlacing the background while doing minimal damage on the progressive credits, convert their framerate to match the episode's and splice them with it OR leave them @ 30p to create a VFR clip
  • Very good combing removal and anti-aliasing functions

See [20]

Script thetoof
BruteIVTC Plugin MarcFD
DOCI Destruction of Chroma Interlacing fixes a problem where you captured pulleddown video in YV12. In the combed frames, the chroma from two frames has been blended, leading to a ghosting effect when IVTC'd. This filter reconstructs the chroma exactly and fixes the problem. Script jmac698
FDecimate The FDecimate() filter provides extended decimation capabilities not available from Decimate(). It can remove frames from a clip to achieve the desired frame rate, while retaining audio/video synchronization. It preferentially removes duplicate frames where possible. ("FDecimate" stands for "Free Decimate", which implies that the output frame rate may be freely chosen, and is not limited to 1-in-N decimation). YUY2, YV12 Plugin Donald Graft
GreedyHMA GreedyHMA is an Avisynth filter that executes DScaler's Greedy/HM algorithm code to perform pulldown matching, filtering, and video deinterlace. It has pretty much been superseded by Donald Graft's DeComb package. However there may be occasions where it sometimes gives preferable results, especially with some bad PAL clips. YUY2 Plugin Tom Barry
IT Inverse Telecine YUY2, YV12 Plugin theJam79 / minamina
ivtc_txt60mc Deinterlaces telecined footage with that has been overlayed scrolling text at 60i. Script Firesledge
MultiDecimate Removes N out of every M frames, taking the frames most similar to their predecessors. See discussion. YUY2 Plugin Donald Graft
PFR PFR (Progressive Frame Restorer) is an Avisynth filter that attempts to produce progressive frames from a mixed progressive/interlaced/IVTCed source. YUY2 Plugin Simon Walters
ReMatch Plugin
RePal Plugin
SmartDecimate Smart Decimate removes telecine by combining telecine fields and decimating at the same time, which is different from the traditional approach of matching telecine frames and then removing duplicates. See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin Kevin Atkinson
Decomb The Telecide and Decimate filters can be combined to implement IVTC. YUY2, YV12 Plugin Donald Graft
TIVTC A package containing these 7 filters: TFM, TDecimate, MergeHints, FrameDiff, FieldDiff, ShowCombedTIVTC, and RequestLinear. Also contains these 3 conditional functions: IsCombedTIVTC, CFieldDiff, and CFrameDiff. Designed primarily for IVTC operations. Discussion YUY2, YV12 Plugin tritical
UnComb Filter for matching up even and odd fields of properly telecined NTSC or PAL film source video. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Tom Barry
IvtcBlend Waka demonstrated an IvtcBlend function that uses the information in the "extra" fields of a telecined source to help combat temporal noise. Script

Ghost Removal

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
FixVHSOversharp Plugin
GhostBuster Plugin SansGrip

Logo Removal

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
DeKafka This fairly simple filter washes away those annoying bugs from broadcast clips. Script
DeLogo DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub. Removes static elements, e.g. logos or watermarks, from the video stream. It can remove either opaque elements or alpha blended, the latter even without destroying the picture beneath. Plugin & Script Karel Suhajda
InpaintFunc Script for logo removal using inpainting. Can remove alpha blended or opaque logos with a basic postprocessing to hide artifacts. Script Reuf Toc
rm_logo Combination of deblending and inpainting to remove logos with adjustable postprocessing to further hide artifacts. See [21] Script Spuds
X-Logo X-Logo Avisynth plugin and Virtualdub filter. Removes opaque logos. Plugin Leuf

Luma Equalisation

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Antiflicker "A quick-and-dirty port of my VirtualDub filter (which sucks, by the way; it was one of my first filters)." Plugin neuron2 (Donald Graft)
DeFlicker Can remove old film intensity flicker by temporal mean luma smoothing. Can also correct blinding of automatic gain control after flashes. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Fizick (Alexander G. Balakhnin)
Dumb Deflicker Gathers average luma of frames, smoothens that with temporalsoften, and applies the obtained difference to the original input. It is pretty simple, read "dumb." Script Didée
EquLines Equalizes total luminosity in pairs of even and odd lines. Useful for removing inter-line differences from telecined films. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Fizick (Alexander G. Balakhnin)
Local Deflicker Deflickers only part of a frame. Script prokhozhijj
ReduceFlicker Reduces temporal oscillations in clips; should be applied before deinterlacing. Contains ReduceFlicker, ReduceFluctuations, and LockClense. Discuss Plugin kassandro (Rainer Wittmann)
TimeLapseDF Designed to remove luminosity flicker in time lapse photography. Unlike most other flicker removal filters, utilizes cumulative distribution function in addition to average frame luminosity. Discuss YV12, YUY2 32-Bit Plugin and 64-Bit Plugin Denis Zhitenev
wdeflicker Modifies luma of a source clip by refering to a temporally super-smoothed clip. Heights of source and reference clips must match. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Osmiridium

Rainbow & Dot Crawl removal

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
BiFrost Plugin Myrsloik
Checkmate de-rainbower and anti-dotcrawl filter. Plugin mf
Dedot Plugin thejam79 / minamina
DFMDeRainbow Creates mask to process only edges; rainbows are removed by hitting chroma planes with two passes of FluxSmooth (hence "Double-Flux-Mask"). YV12, YUY2 Script
GuavaComb Plugin Lindsey Dubb
LUTDeRainbow Purely temporal; only targets pixels for derainbowing if chroma is fluctuating and (optionally) luma is not. YV12 only Script
mfRainbow Derainbows according to the same principle as AntiFlicker. Script
SmartSSIQ Plugin
SSIQ Plugin
TComb Plugin tritical
DeRainbow It removes rainbows on the clip, without any visible quality loss. Script sh0dan


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
DePan Tools for estimation and compensation of global motion (pan) .See [22] YUY2, YV12 Plugin Fizick
Stab Simple but powerful script to remove small high frequenzy jitter that appears often on old/bad transfers. See [23] Script g-force
TBC Stabilizes horizontal jitter in video from analog VCRs, similar to the function of a Time Base Corrector.(note: will cause SEt's Avisynth 2.6 MT to stop working) Script
CelStabilize Script which holds a fixed background steady. Doesn't work well with pans or fades. Script mpg262


Strength/Quality of Denoisers

(need subclassification)

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AdaptiveMedian Plugin
Atc Plugin
ColourizeSmooth Plugin
ConditionalTemporalMedian Plugin
DCTFun4b Plugin
DeNoise Plugin
DNR2 Plugin
ExtendedBilateral Plugin
MedianBlur Spatial median blur filter with a variable radius Plugin tsp
PixieDustPP Plugin
SmartSmoother Plugin
SmootherHiQ Plugin
SSIQ Plugin
TNLMeans TNLMeans is an implementation of the NL-means denoising algorithm Plugin tritical
UberSmooth (Bloated) Plugin
UberSmooth (DCTFun) Plugin
UberSmooth (Deen) [24] Plugin
VariableBlur Plugin

Spatial Denoisers

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
_2DCleanYUY2 Plugin
[DctFilter] An experimental filter that operates on DCT coefficients. Plugin Tom Barry
eDeen eDeen is a ultra powerfull spatial denoiser for very experienced encoders only. Plugin Marc FD
GPUBilateral In short, bilateral filter is a edge-preserving smooth filter. See [25] and [26] Plugin Sompon Virojanadara
Msmooth Masked smoother, designed specifically for anime. Plugin Donald Graft
Removegrain RemoveGrain is a simple and extremely fast spatial denoiser for progressive and interlaced video. Plugin Kassandro
TBilateral see [27] Plugin tritical
VagueDenoiser Plugin

Temporal Denoisers

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
CNR2 A fast chroma denoiser. Very effective against stationary rainbows and huge analogic chroma activity. Useful to filter VHS/TV caps. YUY2,YV12 Plugin MarcFD, tritical
Fluxsmooth Examines each pixel and compares it to the corresponding pixel in the previous and last frame. YUY2,YV12 Plugin SansGrip (Ross Thomas), Sh0dan
GrapeSmoother This filter averages out visual noise between frames. YUY2 Plugin Lindsey Dubb
MVDegrain Strong and effective temporal denoiser. Part of the MVTools package. Plugin Fizick
TemporalCleaner Plugin
TTempSmooth see [28] Plugin tritical
Temporal Degrain SLOW but very effective at removing most grain from video sources. Script

Spatio-Temporal Denoisers

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Convolution3D Convolution3D is a spatio-temporal smoother, it applies a 3D convolution filter to all pixels of consecutive frames. See discussion. YUY2 Plugin Sébastien Lucas
Deen Deen is a set of assembly-optimised denoisers, like various 3d and 2d convolutions. Plugin MarcFD
DenoiseMF A fast and accurate denoiser for a Full HD video from a H.264 camera. See discussion. Script rean
dfttest A 2D/3D frequency domain denoiser. See [29] Plugin tritical
dfttestMC A script that motion compensates dfttest. See [30] Script thewebchat
DeGrainMedian Two stage Spatio-Temporal Limited Median filter for grain removal. See Plugin Fizick
FFT3DFilter A 3D Frequency Domain filter - gives strong denoising and moderate sharpening YV12, YUY2 Plugin Fizick
FFT3DGPU Similar algorithm to FFT3DFilter, but uses graphics hardware for increased speed. Plugin tsp
FrFun3b Plugin
FrFun7 Plugin
HQdn3d see [31] Plugin
MC_Spuds Motion compensated noise removal with sharpening. Extremely slow, but extremely effective. Script Spuds, Didée
MCTemporalDenoise Another high quality motion compensated noise removal script with an accompanying post-processing component (with loads of excess feature such as MC-Post-sharpening, MC-antialiasing, deblock, edgeclean and much more) YV12 Script LaTo
MipSmooth Plugin sh0dan
NoMoSmooth Plugin
PeachSmoother Plugin Lindsey Dubb
RemoveNoiseMC Motion compensated filter for removing noise, larger spots and other dirt. Written as an alternative to the old Dust. Last update Nov 2006. It uses mvtools v1. Jenyok collected together all RemoveNoise and various filters functions and adapted to MVTools v2. Script Heini011
RemoveDirtMC Script Nephilis
zzz_denoise Simple wrapper around a combination of dfttest and MDegrain3. Requires the Dither package. YV12 Script cretindesalpes (Laurent de Soras)

Adjustment Filters

Colourspace Conversion

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AutoYUY2 This filter is correctly converts YV12 to YUY2 without color bias. YV12 Plugin Donald Graft
InterleavedConversions Tools for interleaving and de-interleaving 2, 3, and 4-channel data. Script PitifulInsect
YV12toRGB24HQ Plugin
PlanarConversions Planar conversion functions for AVISynth. Script PitifulInsect
SmoothAdjust SmoothAdjust is a set of 4 plugins to make YUV adjustements. Plugin LaTo

Duplicate Frame Detectors

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Dup a robust duplicate frame detector. a frame that is determined to be close enough to its predecessor to be considered a duplicate will be replaced by a copy of the predecessor. This can significantly reduce the size of encoded clips with virtually no visual effect. provides the capability to replace frames with a blend of all the duplicates, providing a valuable noise reduction. Filter by Donald A. Graft. Plugin Donald Graft
Dupped Another frame duplication function, similar to Dup, but hopefully more accurate. See [32] Script Corran
DeDup Remove (drop) duplicate frames in the interest of compression quality and speed. Resulting clip will have a variable frame rate. Plugin
GetDups Selecting unique duplicate frames from clip, it return frames which have copies only, by one from the series (group). Made for 8mm films. YUY2,YV12 Plugin


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AddGrain Generates film like grain or other effects (like rain) by adding random noise to clip. Noise can be horizontally or vertically correlated causing streaking. Contains AddGrain & AddGrainC RGB32, RGB24, YUY2, YV12 Plugin Tom Barry & Foxyshadis
AddNoise/Blockbuster Makes encoder allocate more bits to darker areas, thus eliminating DCT blocks by decreasing the clips compressibility. Plugin Ross Thomas
AviShader generic plugin that uses your 3D card's hardware to assist with rendering RGB32 Plugin Antitorgo
ColorLooks This plugin is based on Trev's VDub filter Colorlooks and Donald Graft's Colorize (well it works a bit similar). I also added some new stuff. The plugin contains the following filters: Technicolor, Colorize, Sepia and Posterize. RGB32, RGB24, YUY2, YV12 Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof
EffectsMany Creates 34 types of special "animated" effects. Effects act on the input clip in the range of the frame numbers specified. The Audio is not affected. RGB32, RGB24, YUY2, YV12 Plugin V. C. Mohan
GrainFactory3 Noise generator that tries to simulate the behavior of silver grain on film. See : [33] Script Didée
GNoise Adds random noise to clip. Plugin soulhunter
HollywoodSQ Creates popup album, akin to Hollywood squares TV show Plugin V. C. Mohan
KenBurnsEffect Given clip, zooms, pans & rotates clip. See wikipedia:Ken Burns Effect RGB32, RGB24, YUY2, YV12 Script mikeytown2
NoiseGenerator Newer function based off of Blockbuster. Adds random noise to clip. Plugin Shubin
Scanlines Add Scanlines (black horizontal bars) to a video. see wikipedia:Scan Line Plugin turulo
TurnsTile Applies mosaic and/or palette effects to a clip. RGB32, RGB24, YUY2, YV12 Plugin Robert Martens

Field Order

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
PFR Plugin
ReverseFieldDominance Plugin

Frame Rate Conversion

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AlterFPS AlterFPS can be used to speed up or slow down a video by adding or removing fields. It works like the 3:2 pulldown of NTSC film material, except you can choose your new speed. It can also blend frames for progressive frame results, and blend fields like ConvertFPS. Script
convert60ito24p convert60ito24p converts a 60fps interlaced NTSC Video into a 24fps progressive Video using different blending techniques. discussion. Script
FrameDbl Plugin
InterFrame Give videos higher framerates like newer TVs do. Common names are framedoubling, smooth motion and 60FPS conversion. Script SubJunk
MotionProtectedFPS (Motion) Script
MVFlowFPS(2) (MVTools) Plugin
NTSC tools Automatic NTSC to PAL conversion with 24p, 30p, 60i detection. See [34] Script Mug Funky
SalFPS3 Script

Levels and Chroma

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Autolevels Improvement of the ColorYUV filter's autogain feature. It stretches the luma histogram to use the entire specified range, averaging the amount of "gain" over consecutive frames to better handle flashes and to avoid flickering. Discuss YV12, YUY2, RGB32, RGB24 Plugin frustum (Jim Battle) & Theodor Anschütz
Color Balance Same tool that is found in Gimp & Cinepaint. RGB32, RGB24 script Gavino & mikeytown2
ChannelMixer Very similar to the ChannelMixer function found in Photoshop. 9 Adjustments are possible, 3 for each color channel. RGB32, RGB24 Plugin Gustaf Ullberg
ColourLike Makes a clip look like a 'reference' clip by adjusting each colour channel. YV12 Plugin mg262
ExpLabo ExpSat apply a non-linear transformation of saturation, Colorize change the image color dominance in a flexible manner, HLSnoise adds a noise to the image separately to the HLS dimensions. RGB32, RGB24 Plugin brabbudu
FlimsYlevels Luma adjustment function to give a more "film-ish" look. (Based on Didée's Ylevels). YV12 Script FlimsyFeet
GiCocu Use GIMP/Photoshop curve files RGB32, RGB24 Plugin E-Male
HDRAGC High Dynamic Range Automatic Gain Control - Increase dynamic range of video clips (enhance shadows). It's "simply" gaining (brightening) dark areas of image without causing blow of highlights. Amount of gain is calculated automatically, but can be influenced by parameters. YV12, YUY2 Plugin paviko
HighlightLimiter "Darkening highlight". Works well on over exposed clips. It can also be combined with ContrastMask to create HDR effect YV12 Script javlak
HistogramAdjust Adjusts the histogram of a frame by either equalizing it or by matching with histogram of another image, or with given histogram table of values. YV12, YUY2 Plugin V. C. Mohan
Histograms in RGB & CMY Display level histogram in RGB and CMY, and a histogram for RGB parade. Useful for color corrections. YV12, RGB24, RGB32 Script -Vit-
SmoothLevels Advanced levels adjustment function, with limiting & smoothing parameters. YV12 Script LaTo
TweakColor Target specific hue and saturation ranges for hue and saturation adjustments. YV12, YUY2 Plugin trevlac
Tweak3 Same as Tweak but with dithering. YV12, YUY2 Plugin soulhunter
Ylevels A simple replacement for Avisynth's internal Levels command, with a few neat differences. YV12 Script Didée
Tint Tints the image toward a specified colour. Script
SGradation SGradation is much like a gamma function, but '2nd order'. Script


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
FastLineDarken Script
FastLineDarkenMOD See [35] YV12 Script Vectrangle
LimitedDarken Plugin
mfToon mfToon darkens cartoon edges. In default operation, it performs line darkening, Xsharpening, and warp sharpening. YV12 Script mf
Toon Simple and fast Linedarkener. See [36] Plugin mf
vmToon The successor to mfToon. Darkens lines, thins lines, and does supersampled sharpening all in one, but slow. YV12 Script Vectrangle


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AutoCrop Automatically crops black borders (wikipedia:Letterbox, wikipedia:Pillar box, wikipedia:Windowbox) from a clip. Operates in preview mode (overlays the recommended cropping information) or cropping mode. Can also ensure width and height are multiples of specified numbers. YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Plugin
Debilinear This filter is designed to reverse the effects of bilinear upsampling. RGB, YV12 Plugin Prunedtree
EdiUpsizer see [37] Plugin
EEDI2 see normal Multi-threaded Multi-threaded 64-bit Plugin
FastEDIUpsizer [38] Plugin
HybridResize Uses Lanczos (sharp) for edges and Bilinear (soft) on the rest of the image. Script mf
Lanczosplusv3 Very slow, but high quality resizer. See [39] Script *.mp4 guy
NNEDI Neural Network New-Edge Directed Interpolation. Plugin tritical
PointSize A set of pixel art resizers: Scale2x, Scale3x, LQ2x, LQ3x, LQ4x, HQ2x, HQ3x, HQ4x. RGB32 Plugin `Orum
ResampleHQ ResampleHQ provides gamma-aware resizing and colorspace conversion. Plugin Cory Nelson (phrosty [at] gmail.com) (PhrostByte on Doom9
ResizeARC ResizeARC respects AR as possible maintaining MOD32 resolutions, uses bitrate, bpp and the resize function specified as parameters. Usage: Script
Seamer Seam Carving/Liquid Rescale for Content-Aware Image Resizing. See wikipedia:Seam Carving Plugin
SimpleResize Very simple and fast two tap linear interpolation. It is unfiltered which means it will not soften much. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Tom Barry
SplineResize SplineResize contains two kinds of spline based resizers: The first ones are the (cubic) spline based resizers from Panorama tools: Spline100Resize (using 10 sample points) and Spline144Resize (using 12 sample points) are examples. Other ones are available in AviSynth itself. The second ones are natural cubic splines that use the kernel itself as a spline. YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof
YV12InterlacedReduceBy2 InterlacedReduceBy2 is a fast Reduce By 2 filter, usefull as a very fast downsize of an interlaced clip. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Tom Barry
Zoom Zoom, Pan & Rotate Clip. Adds alpha layer to clip. RGB32 Plugin
ZoomBox Replacement for ResizeKAR. Resizes clip Keeping the Aspect Ratio. Can set Source/Target PAR/DAR, option to zoom in/out in order to hide/show black borders. Script


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
aSharp Adaptive sharpening filter. You can use it for high quality sharpening of soft sources. See discussion. YV12 Plugin Marc FD
aWarpSharp A warp sharpening filter. YV12 Plugin Marc FD
blah A sharpening. YV12 Script *.mp4 guy
LimitedSharpen LimitedSharpen can be used like a traditional sharpener, but producing much less artefacts. It can be used as a replacement for the common "resize(x4)-XSharpen-resize(x1)" combo, with very similar results (perhaps even better) - but at least 2 times faster, since it requires much less oversampling. Script Didée
LSFmod A LimitedSharpenFaster mod with a lot of new features and optimizations. YV12 Script LaTo
MSharpen This filter implements an unusual concept in spatial sharpening to sharpen important edges without amplifying noise. Although designed specifically for anime, it also works quite well on normal video. See discussion. RGB, YUY2, YV12 Plugin Donald Graft
Super Slow Sharpen Very slow, but high quality sharpener. See [40] Script *.mp4 guy
SSXSharpen Included in SharpTools. Sharpens the picture using supersampling techniques. Script Didée
TUnsharp TUnsharp is a basic sharpening filter that uses a couple different variations of unsharpmasking and allows for controlled sharpening based on edge magnitude and min/max neighborhood value clipping. The real reason for its existence is that it sports a gui with real time preview. See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin tritical
UnFilter This filter softens/sharpens a clip. It implements horizontal and vertical filters designed to (slightly) reverse previous efforts at softening or edge enhancement that are common (but ugly) in DVD mastering. See discussion. YUY2, YV12 Plugin Tom Barry
UnsharpHQ A strong and fast unsharp mask with some new features. See thread. YV12 Plugin list
WarpSharp Package Contains these sharpeners: Unsharpmask, WarpSharp, Xsharpen.

2003 Version

2008 Version

YUY2, YV12 Plugin
WarpSharp YV12 Contains WarpSharp & XSharpen. This version of WarpSharp is very fast. YV12 Plugin
FineSharp A sharpener designed by Didee specifically for HQ (Bluray, etc) content. thread. YV12 Script


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Variableblur Variableblur is a gaussian, binomial or average blur filter with a variable radius(variance). YV12 Plugin Tritical


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AssRender Libass-based subtitle renderer. See discussion. RGB32, RGB24, YV24, YV12, Y8 C Plugin lachs0r, TheFluff
SubAA Single Subtitle with Anti-aliasing. Script
SubtitleEx Similar to the original Subtitle function but can do more: apply text to range; effects - bold, underline, italic, center, fading, motion, blur, emboss, etc...; alpha channel. Plugin
TextSub (VSFilter) Supported Subtitle Formats: VOBsub (.sub/.idx), SubStation Alpha/Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass), SubRip (.srt), MicroDVD (.sub), SAMI (.smi), PowerDivX (.psb), Universal Subtitle Format (.usf), Structured Subtitle Format (.ssf). See [41] Plugin
SubtitleMulti A parameter-compatible Subtitle function which allows the usage of line breaks. (Wilbert: I can't find the script ...) Script JLennox
VSFilterMod A new VSFilter with more ass tags. Plugin


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
DissolveAGG Wipe Transition with a soft edge. See discussion.

Note: There exist multiple variants of the script as the result of the interaction between authors in that discussion.

Script (v1)

Script (v2) Script (v3)

zemog, mikeytown2, Gavino and others
JDL_MaskTransition Combines two clips using the specified mask clip. The audio tracks are blended during the transition. About any transition can be made with this function. Script James D. Lin (stickboy)
TransAll Around 150 distinct transitions can be created with this plugin. RGB, YUY2, YV12 Plugin V. C. Mohan
Transition (Albert Gasset) Various Wipe and Random Block modes. Has 19 built in patterns or it can use an external file. Plugin Albert Gasset
Transition (shubin) Contains 2 modes: circle and line. In circle mode the area has radius R and center xCenter,yCenter. In line mode the line passes through xCenter,yCenter with slope R. Plugin Shubin

Other Filters

Debugging/Diagnostic Filters

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AVInfo Plugin
AVSMeter AVSMeter is a CLI (command line interface) tool that "runs" an Avisynth script without any overhead, displays clip info, CPU and memory usage and the minimum, maximum and average frame rates, indicating how fast Avisynth can serve frames to a client application.

It comes in handy when testing filters to determine their performance and memory requirements.

Command line executable Groucho2004
Avisynth Monitor Plugin
AvsTimer Plugin
DumpPixelValues Samples the colors from selected pixels for every frame in a video source and outputs the data to a text or binary file. RGB32, YUY2 Plugin
Framenumber Framenumber inserts the framenumber of the current frame (+ offset). Plugin
Glitch Analyzer Glitch Analyzer generates a diagnostic video, then analyzes the recorded version of it, to detect swapped, dropped, or repeated fields. YUY2,YV12 Script
Grid Plugin
HDColorBars A script to create an HD test pattern based on ARIB STD-B28 Rev1. Can easily be adapted to an SMPTE version. Image YV12 HDColorBars
Kronos Plugin
Measure Measures luminence of greyscale bars and prints results on-screen. Can be used to set brightness/contrast in capture settings accurately. YV12 Script
MonitorFilter Plugin
PixelInfo A GUI-based filter that lets you pick a pixel and gives you color information. RGB32, YUY2 Plugin
ShowPixelValues This filter displays the actual Y U and V (or R G and B) values from pixels within a frame. RGB32, YUY2 Plugin
Testpatterns This filter creates a sinewave frequency sweep directly in YV12, useful to measuring video response. YV12 Script
TMonitor Plugin
ViewFields/UnViewFields Plugin
Comptest The script Compressibility test can be used for a compressibility test on a clip. Script
SeeTheDifference SeeTheDifference just makes the difference visible between an encoded and an original videoclip. So you can see what you really "lose" when encoding a video. Script
BoxCompare BoxCompare will let you compare up to 4 clips with simple annotations. It's basically a wrapper for StackHorizontal/StackVertical. Script

Export Filters

These filters are used to export things from an avs file.

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Immaavs ImmaWrite uses the ImageMagick libraries to write images. Many formats are supported including animations and multipage files. Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof
twriteavi Serve AVI file to program requesting it as well as write an avi file. Useful for speeding up 2 pass encodes at the cost of hard drive space. Plugin

Import Filters

These filters are used to import filters written for other audio and video packages.

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
FreeFrame Allows freeframe filters (mostly effects) to be used directly in avisynth. RGB24, RGB32 Plugin
LoadVFApiPlugin Plugin


These filters are primarily designed to be used with other filters, to restrict or augment their effect.

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Motion see [42] Plugin mg262
MT MT is a filter that enables other filters to run multithreaded. This should hopefully speed up processing on hyperthreaded/multicore processors or multiprocessor systems. See [43] Any Plugin tsp
MVTools MVTools provides filters for estimation and compensation of objects' motion in video clips. Motion compensation may be used for strong temporal denoising, advanced framerate conversions, image restoration and other tasks. See [44] Plugin Fizick

Multipurpose Filters

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Camembert Camembert provides HQDering's functionality with additional background enhancement. YV12 Script
HybridFuPP An adaptive processor, allowing picture cleaning and compressibility gain. Script Fupp
iiP Integrated Image Processor performs basic denoising and sharpening excluding already hard edges to avoid oversharpening; this should give the best relative compressibility for any level of detail enhancement. Its main purpose is upconversion from DVD resolutions to (pseudo-) HDTV resolutions. It aims at natural sources only. For animated/cartoon content, one is probably better of with mfToon and SharpResize. YV12 Script
SeeSaw SeeSaw uses a balance of denoising and sharpening to enhance a clip. The aim is to enhance weak detail without oversharpening or creating jaggies on strong detail, and produce a result that is temporally stable without detail shimmering. YV12 Script

Support filters

These filters are primarily designed to augment the creation of custom script-based filters.

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
CheckMask Plugin
FrameCache Frame cache plugin. It helps greatly increase performance, especially in combination with another plugins, like SmoothDeinterlace. Usage FrameCache( [number of frames to remember], (path to log file) ). any johny5 dot coder via gmail Evgeny
GRunT Extends Avisynth's Runtime Environment, making it easier to use, especially inside script functions. Any Plugin Gavino
GScript Extends the Avisynth scripting language to provide additional control-flow constructs: multi-line conditionals (if-then-else blocks), 'while' loops and 'for' loops. Any Plugin Gavino
MaskTools This plugin provides tools for the creation, enhancement and manipulation of masks for each component (Y, U, V) of the YV12 color space. See discussion.

This version is now deprecated, use MaskTools2 instead for new scripts.

YV12 Plugin Kurosu


MaskTools2 This plugin provides tools for the creation, enhancement and manipulation of masks for each component (Y, U, V) of the YV12 color space. YV12 Plugin Manao
MergeClips Plugin
MVTools This plugin provides a collection of functions for motion estimation and compensation. YV12, YUY2 Plugin Various
PlaneMinMax Plugin
ApplyInterlacedFilter ApplyInterlacedFilter safely processes interlaced video with spatial and temporal filters. Script

Deepcolor Filters

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Deep Color Tools This Script provides basic functions to import 10bit video, do color adjustments, and export to 8bit V210 Script jmac698
Dither Generates video with up to 16 bits per component after denoising and dithers back to 8 bits for storage. Primarily written to smooth fine gradients to remove colorbanding during/after denoising. Can also recover high bitdepth data potentially contained in a noisy clip; dither a high bitdepth picture into a standard YV12; and perform basic operations (masking, curves...) on high bitdepth pictures, as they cannot be manipulated safely with conventional avisynth filters. Planar colorspaces Plugin + scripts cretindesalpes (Laurent de Soras)

3D Filters

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Analglyph Filter This filter produces analglph video from a stereo pair. Analglph is a 3d viewing method which uses colored glasses. The plugin supports the advanced Dubois algorithm, which is able to reduce the ghosting effect that is possible in the conversion. YUV Plugin Gabor Kertai


Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
AVSLib General purpose toolkit/extension library enhancing AviSynths ability to perform complex linear and non-linear video editing tasks. Includes support for Array containers & operators, debugging tools, math & string functions, filters and many more. AVSLib gzarkadas

Audio Filters

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
waveform Displays audio waveforms superimposed on the video, similar to AudioGraph below but with multi-channel support and consistent support for all colourspaces. YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Plugin David Horman
AudioGraph Displays the audio waveform superimposed on the video. Intended to help with editing rather than for final output. Useful for finding specific dialog or sound, and for checking A/V sync. YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Plugin Template:Author/Richard Ling


BeFa Band Eliminate Filter for Audio N/A Plugin
MinMaxAudio Computes the root mean square, maximal or minimal value over all samples in all channels,or just over all samples in channel, and outputs the value (in decibels) as a string. It's a conditional audio filter, so the computation is done framewise. N/A Plugin Wilbert Dijkhof
Sox Audio Effect Filter Use SOX effects within AviSynth. Most effects are supported, and multiple effects can be stacked after each other. N/A Plugin sh0dan
ViewAudio includes two filters: ViewAudio and AudioCache. Plugin x64
FindAudioSyncScript FindAudioSyncScript helps you to find the appropriate audio delays, if you have desync'ed audio. Script IanB
AddAudio An AddAudio function that adds silent audio to a clip. Needed for CCE 2.50 users. Script

As Yet Unclassified

Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author
Adjust Generic Y-Channel mapping. Can define a function for the Y Channel. YUY2, RGB32, RGB24 Plugin
Anaglypher A plugin for combining stereopairs into single anaglyph image RGB24, RGB32 Plugin Shura Luberetsky
Average Weighted average of any number of clips (fast). Average(clip clip1, int weight1, ...) YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32 Plugin
BorderControl Add smeared borders instead of a solid if wanted. Plugin
BeforeAfter Script
BeforeAfterDiff Plugin
BeforeAfterLine Plugin
Call Call an external program from the script. Plugin
Chikitown A simple script to do overlay to a video RGBA in AviSynth. Script Template:Author/Chikitown
Colorit Color a black and white image or recolor a color image. Plugin
CutFrames Cut a range of frames from a single a/v clip. Opposite of Trim with extras. Script
DCT see [45] Plugin
DDigit DDigit Plugin Text Rendering Pack for Plugin writers.
DeBlot Color Blot Reduction. YUY2,YV12 Plugin
FillMargins Fills the four margins of a video clip with the outer pixels of the unfilled portion. It takes integer 4 parms specifying the size of the left, top, right, and bottom margins. YV12 Plugin
fftw3 Plugin
FritzPhoto Use Avisynth to process still images. FritzPhoto
GetSystemEnv Plugin
GraMaMa Gradient Mask Maker YV12 Plugin E-Male and Wilbert Dijkhof
LBKiller Plugin
LTSMC Plugin
MCNR_simple2 Plugin
NeuralNet Plugin
PseudoColor see [46] Plugin
Reform see [47] Plugin
RGBManipulate see [48] Plugin
SceneChangeLavc see [49] Plugin
SCXvid SCXvid produces first pass xvid logs from avisynth at the equuivalent of the default vfw preset. These logs are primaliy intended to get scenechange information from but could probably be used in some kind of twisted encoding setup too with lossless encoding of the output. Plugin
SlopeBend Plugin
Soothe Lessens the temporal instability and aliasing caused by sharpening, by comparing the original and sharpened clip, leaving a smoother and slightly softer output. Plugin Didée
UnSmooth Plugin
VerticalCleaner Plugin kassandro
VinVerse An effective Function against (residual) combing, by Didée. Useful after deinterlaceing. YV12, YUY2 Plugin / Script Didée (script) / Tritical (plugin)
WaterShed see [50] Plugin
TMM see [51] Plugin Tritical
Tracking demo at Youtube. Use computer vision to track objects in the video, and produce ConditionalReader input. Plugin Shlomo Matichin
Unpremultiply This plugin convert the input RGBA clip from premultiplied alpha to straight matted alpha. Plugin
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